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   At [ Sweetgrass Baskets and Palm] we are dedicted to providing our customers with the highest quality products. We deliver products you expect to receive. Let our products do the talking. We are flexible. Baskets are all handmade.We make the original Sweetgrass baskets and no two baskets are the same. We repair any or all baskets bought from us.The baskets will last a lifetime. Buy the original Sweetgrass baskets. We invite you to compare our prices to other vendors or stores.Whether the Internet or in person you will agree that our baskets are cheaper.
Disclaimer: These baskets are handmade.We keep our prices down by harvesting our own materials. Due to our basket being natural the material used in sewing the baskets may very slightly in size, shape and or colors. Remember that these baskets are all handmade. We do not use any dyes or chemicals in our baskets.   
When in  Down Town Charleston Market,: Just ask for Michael and joy 
We'll bet glade to work out a bargain with you.                                                                  
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